March 31, 2013

RE: Charles P. Smith Jr. D.C

To whom it may concern;

As an attorney and patient of Dr. Charles P Smith Jr. D.C., I am writing to tell of the exceptional service that Dr. Smith provided me both personally and professionally. I would begin by saying that few people in this field have shown as much hard work and compassion in the treatment and care, for not just myself, but many others. I met, Dr. Smith shortly after relocating to Provo, Utah.

Dr. Smith and I quickly established a working relationship as we referred clients in need of our respective services to one another. Almost all many of my clients that Dr. Smith treated, would always say great things about Dr. Smith and the treatment they received. They not only spoke about his professionalism and his knowledge but also discussed how wonderful it was to work with him. I later had an unfortunate injury that Dr. Smith treated. He was always accommodating to my hectic schedule, by staying late into the night and coming in early morning for me. There are few medical providers that are willing to go the extra mile and provided that kind of service. In fact some of the patients I sent to Dr. Smith were unable to drive and Dr. Smith would travel to these people’s homes and provided them medical service. In fact, there was one individual that Dr. Smith actually drove over 150 miles, three times a week for several months as he attended her care at home.

Dr. Smith has also personally invited thousands of new comers to chiropractic medicine that have changed their lives for the better in every aspect of Health and Nutrition. He has successfully helped many others avoid the dangers associated with surgery. I don’t think there is anyone else in the marketplace that is able to do what he does, as well as he does it. I know he wants to continue to do home visits there in, Honolulu/ Waikiki area of Hawaii. I personally recommend him, at the highest levels, for your choice in chiropractic care.


Jason C. Foulger

Jason C. Foulger, Esq.

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Dr. Smith is the best! He took the time to learn about me as a person not just a patient.


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