Accident Rehab

Whether at work, in the car, or in other scenarios, accidents are no fun for anyone involved. They can be painful and limit their victims' ability to participate in daily life. That's why adhering to the best accident rehab protocols is key. At Smith Family Wellness of Honolulu, HI, Dr. Charles Smith and his skilled staff excel at helping patients make speedy recoveries from any type of injury.

How Accidents Can Affect the Body

Accidents can leave people physically and mentally shaken. Soft tissues like muscles and ligaments can sprain or even tear. Bones can fracture or break, and people can leave with concussions, injured nerves and organs, and more. That doesn't even speak for the psychological and emotional impact of being involved in an accident. Accidents can be totally devastating, so it's best to mitigate lasting damage with effective rehabilitation.

Accident Rehab Best Practices

The best rehabilitation approach depends on the injury or injuries sustained. In general, though, the aim should be to reduce inflammation and encourage healing blood flow to the area. Inflammation can be managed using the RICE method. RICE stands for:

  • Rest: Do not move the injured area more than what's necessary or recommended to prevent further damage.
  • Ice: Apply ice to the injured area to decrease swelling.
  • Compression: Use compression socks or bandages to keep the area from being able to swell.
  • Elevation: Elevate the injured area to keep blood from pooling in it.

Therapy can be helpful for remedying psychological effects, and exercise and physical therapy can be useful for restoring healthy function. At Smith Family Chiropractic in Honolulu, HI, Dr. Smith can assess your injury and provide custom rehabilitation advice.

How can a chiropractor help with accident rehab?

Many chiropractors specialize in accident rehab since they offer a host of services designed to improve musculoskeletal health. They can provide adjustments, rehabilitative exercise plans, massage, electrical muscle stimulation, and more.

If you've recently experienced an accident in the Honolulu, HI, area, call Smith Family Wellness today. Dr. Smith and his team will be happy to answer any questions and set you up with an initial consultation. Our chiropractic expertise combined with our cutting-edge chiropractic equipment is sure to get you back to stellar health. We look forward to working with you.

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